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Compiler of the 




"/ have ever had a pleasure in obtaining any little anecdotes of my ancestors." — Ben- 
jamin Franklin. 

"He only deserves to be remembered by posterity who treasures up and preserves the 
history of his ancestors." — Edmund Burke. 

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philadelphia , . -- 




R 1930 L, 

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(Tune: "Battle Hymn of the Republic") 

There's something strong and mighty in a good old family name; 
The name of Brooks shines very high upon the scroll of fame; 
For nearly all the Tribe of Brooks pursue a lofty aim. 
The clan goes marching on! 

Chorus: Glory to our grand old family, 
Virile, worthy, brave and loyal! 
"Ut Am-nis vi-ta la-bi-tur!" 
The clan goes marching on! 

William, Henry, Thomas, James were fathers of our clan; 
Posterity of David and Nathaniel never ran; 
Samuel Brooks was virile, Maurice was a sturdy man. 
The clan goes marching on! 

David was a hero and of Washington a friend; 
Phillips was a wise man whom the world could comprehend; 
William fought and gave his life, his country to defend. 
The clan goes marching on! 

The Clan of Brooks is mighty with two hundred thousand strong; 
In seventy-six, five hundred kinsmen fought to right a wrong; 
Twenty towns now bear our name. Sure, let us sing that song — 
The clan goes marching on! 

When danger threatened country or a battle to be won, 
Or righteous causes need defenders or work to be done. 
Brave sons of Brooks were there, and never did a kinsman run. 
The clan goes marching on! 

The sons of Brooks have courage any task or foe to face; 
Our daughters all are lovely with their beauty, charm and grace: 
The leaven of our family is a blessing to the race. 
The clan goes marching on! 

In England, Wales and Scotland, and the Emerald Isle as well; 
In U. S. A. and Canada, in city, plain and dell; 

Where English tongue is spoken — that is where our kinsmen dwell. 
The clan goes marching on! 




)s(is^^)^ r-. : ; : : : : '. : : : : : : : '■ '■ '. X^^^^ 


"Battle Hymn of the Brooks" 3 

(A) Introduction 5 

(B) The Brooks Coat of Arms 7 

(C) Ancient Brooks Families 8 

(D) Prominent British Brooks, Past Generations 10 

(E) Prominent British Brooks of Today 11 

(F) American Brooks of Royal Descent 14 


(H) Brooks in the American Revolution 23 

(I) Prominent Brooks of America, Past Generations 24 

(J) Prominent American Brooks of Today 27 

(K) Brooks Towns, Etc. 29 

(L) Brooks Census of The United States 29 

(M) Religions of the Brooks 30 

(N) References 30 

(O) Blank Forms for Private Family Records 31 


HE Brooks Family is among the forty-nine "best families" selected by 
the American Historical-Genealogical Society for whom the Society has 
published family histories during the past few years. 

The Brooks Family has been prominent in the British Empire and in the 
United States, its members having played important roles in war and in peace. 
Family pride is a commendable trait and should be cultivated. All Brooks have 
just cause to be proud of their family history and traditions. 

In references No. 3, No. 10 and No. 14 we find the following regarding the 
origin and meaning of the name Brooks : 

The surname, Brooks, originally referred to one who lived by the brook- 
side. In the very far-way days there were a variety of prefixes employed with 
it, such as de la Broke, ate Broke, ad le Broke, apud Broke, etc. The "s" is a 
customary addition to short spot-names, such as this one. 

The name is common to all parts of England, and is especially one of the 
great surnames of Yorkshire. In the Hundred Tolls the word Broke is quite 
extensively used in the description of names, as Henry le Brok, Laurence del 
Brock, etc. The Anglo-Saxon form is Bruc or Bruckyse ; the Flemish, 
Broeckx ; the German, Brucks ; the Dutch, Broeke. 

Among ancient records, there are mentioned Richard atte-Brook, vicar 
of Horseford, 1419, and Martha Brookes, to whom a marriage license was 
issued in 1616. The Brookes of County Suffolk, England, were descended from 
William de la Brooke, owner of the Manor of Brooke in Somerset County, 
who died in 1231. 

The data in this volume is gathered from reliable sources. We have selected 
what we consider the most important material. Many of the daughters, and 
sons for whom no issue was shown, have been omitted from the pedigrees. A 
missing symbol indicates that a name has been omitted. Those desiring further 
information are advised to consult the volumes mentioned in the list of Refer- 

The compiler hopes that, in producing this volume, he is bringing to the 
Brooks Family information which will be of interest and value to them, and 
that he is rendering an important service to the public. He and his associates 
will be glad to give their co-operation to members of the family who are inter- 
ested in having a complete genealogy of the family published. 

Unless otherwise plainly shown, the persons in this volume whose names 
are accompanied by three figures are children of the immediately preceding 
persons bearing immediately preceding numbers. All persons in each group 
bearing the same letter as a part of their numbers are directly related. The 
generations of the descendants of those bearing numbers of three figures are 


represented as follows. However, some of our material is published as copied 
from various records without rearrangement according to this system. 

Generations 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 

Symbols (1), etc. (A), etc. (a), etc. 1, etc. A, etc. 

Generations 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 

Symbols a, etc. (I), etc. (i), etc. I, etc. i, etc. 

Abbreviations: add., address; b., born; ch., children; coll., college; d., died; 
d. y., died young; d. w. i., died without issue; dau., daughter; grad., graduated; 
I., lives, lived ; m., married, moved ; s., son, succeeded ; d. s. p., died without 
issue; d. v. p., died before father; univ., university. 



COAT of Arms is an emblem or a device which is displayed by titled 
persons, persons of royal blood, and their descendants. Coats of Arms 
were originally used for purposes of identification and recognition on 
the field of battle as well as in civil life. 

It is claimed by some writers that Coats of Arms, in a crude form, were 
used by Noah's sons after the flood. There are records of other Coats of Arms, 
in one crude form or another, at different periods of ancient history. Heraldry, 
however, as we know it today, did not become of much importance until soon 
after the invasion of England by William the Conqueror, A. D. 1066. Heraldry 
became of general interest at about the time of the Crusades. 

The Brooks Coat of Arms shown in the front of this volume is the Arms 
of the Brooks of Flitwick Manor, co. Bedford, whose pedigree is contained in 
this book. Coats of Arms very similar to it are used by several other Brooks 
families. Numerous branches of the family have Coats of Arms resembling it. 

This is the most widely used of all Brooks Coats of Arms and has been in 
existence for many centuries. It is described in BURKE'S GENERAL 
BARONETAGE and other reliable works on heraldry, in some cases accom- 
panied by illustrations and pedigrees. It has been used for generations by many 
American branches of the Brooks family. 



Arms . 

Or, a cross per pale gules 
and sable. 

On a mural crown an otter 

Ut amnis vita labitur 

A golden shield bearing a 
cross, half red and half 

A mural crown (wall-like) 
on which is an otter, in 
natural colors. 

Life glides away like a river. 



Sir Bernard Burke, of Heralds College, London, said : "Heraldry is prized 
by all who can show honorable ancestry or wish to found honorable families." 

Besides its family significance this Coat of Arms makes an excellent mural 
decoration and inspires the admiration and comment of all who see it. 

It is quite appropriate that members of the Brooks family who have a pride 
in their ancestry should display the family Coat of Arms, in proper colors. 



HE following titled Brooks families are listed in "BURKE'S GEN- 
ERAL ARMORY" : Maurice Brooks, Esq., Lord Mayor of the city of 
Dublin, 1874; Whalley House, co. Lancaster; Flitwick Manor, co. Bed- 

ford^ Forest of Glen-Tanar, co. Aberdeen, and Barlow Hall, co. Lancaster, 


Brooks {Baron Crawshazv) 

AlOl Thomas Brooks : of Lana;ho, co. Lancaster ; living 1610. 

(1) Samuel: his heir— A 102. 

(2) Thomas: b. 1646. 

A102 Samuel Brooks: of Billington, co. Lancaster; b. 1646. 

(1) Edmund: b. 1693. 

(2) Thomas : of whom presently — A103. 
A103 Thomas Brooks: of Billington; b. 1696. 

(1) John: his heir— A104. 

(2) Elizabeth: b. 1730. 

A104 John Brooks: of Waddington, co. Lancaster; b. 1727; father of 
A105 William Brooks: of Whalley, co. Lancaster; Banker; b. 1763: m., 
1785, Sarah (dau. Richard Greenall, of Langho) ; d. 1846. 

(1) John: of whom presently — A106. 

(2) Samuel: of Whalley, Lancashire; b. 1793; m., 1818, Margaret (dau. 
Thos. Hall, of Blackburn, Lancashire) ; d. 1864. 

(A) William CunHi?e (Sir): created a baronet 1886; M. P. for 
E. Cheshire, 1869-85, for Attrincham division, 1886-92 ; D. L., 
cos. Lancaster and Aberdeen; b. 1819; m. (1), 1842, Jane Eliz. 
(dau. Ralph Orrell, of Stockport); m. (2) 1897, Jane (dau. 
Col. Sir David Davidson, K. C. B.) ; had, with other issue, by 
first wife: 

(a) Amy: m., 1869, 11th Marquess of Huntley; d. 1920. 

(b) Edith: m. (1), 1874, Lord Francis Horace Pierpont 
Cecil; m. (2) Adm. Philip Francis Tiller, R. N.; issue. 

(3) Richard: of Blackburn, Lancashire; surgeon; bapt. 1796; d. unm., 

(4) William: of Wigan, Lancashire; bapt. 1798; d. unm., 1821. 

(5) Thomas: of Manchester: bapt. 1799; d. unm., 1831. 

(6) Elizabeth: bapt. 1787; d. unm., 1807. 

(7) Nancy: bapt. 1796; m., 1829, Rev. Sandford. 

(8) John Cyril Adamson, of Padiham, Lancashire. 

A106 John Brooks (A105-(l) ): of Crawshaw Hall, co. Lancashire; b. 
1788; m., 1814, Alice (dau. James Marshall) ; d. 1849. 

(1) William: b. 1815: d. unm., 1852. 

(2) John: of Crawshaw Hall; b. 1819; m., 1844, Mary (dau. Ralph 
Arrell) ; d. 1864. 

(A) John: of Portal, co. Chester; b. 1850; m., 1874, Louisa An- 
neth Edla (dau. Rt. Hon. Sir John Drummond Hay). 

(B) Alice: b. 1845; m., 1868, James Tertius Dugdale ; issue. 

(C) Mary: b. 1847; m., 1870^ Samuel Taylor Mendel; d. 1881; 

(3) James Marshall: b. 1821 ; d. iinm., 1905. 

(4) Thomas: created Baron Cravvshaw — A107. 

(5) Alice: b. 1827; d. unm., 1844. 

A107 Thomas 1st Baron Crawshaw : J. P. for Leicestershire; J. P. and 
D. L., CO. Lancaster; High Sheriff, 1884; created a baronet, 1891 ; raised 
to the peerage, 1892; b. 1825; m., 1851, Catherine (dau. late John Jones, 
of Kilsall Hall, co. Salop) ; d. 1908; had, with other issue: 

(1) William: 2nd and present baron — A108. 

(2) Marshall Jones: M. A., Brasenose Coll., Oxford; J. P., Lancashire 
and Cheshire; b. 1855; m., 1899, Florence (dau. late Fredk. Free- 
man Thomas, of Ration, co. Sussex). 

(A) Thomas Marshall: M. C. ; maj. Cheshire Yeo. ; m., 1920, Eve- 
lyn Sylvia (dau. Rev. and Hon. Archibald Parker). 

(a) Iris Dorothy: b. 1921. 

(B) Noel Brand: M. C. ; lieut. Cheshire Yeo.; b. 1896; m., 1921, 

Joan Margaret (dau. Brig.-Gen. Sir Ed. Thos. La Mar- 
chant). Ch. : Anne. 

(C) Dorothy: b. 1890; m., 1911, Capt. Charles Hugh Hood; issue. 

(3) Alice Catherine: b. 1852; m., 1875, Robert Millington Knowles, of 
Colston Bassett Hall, co. Notts; d. 1892; issue. 

A108 The Baron Crawshaw (Sir William Brooks (A107-(l)): of 
Crawshaw Hall, co. Lancaster, and Whatton, co. Leicester, and a Baro- 
net ; M. A., Ch. Ch., Oxford; J- P- and D. L., Lancashire; Hon. Col. 
5th batt. Leicester Regt. (T. F.) ; b. 1853; s. his father, 1908; m., 1882, 
Mary Ethel (dau. Sir Michael Hicksbeach, 8th Bart.). 

(1) Gerald Beach: M. A., Ch. Ch., Oxford; b. 1884. 

(2) Herbert William: 1st Sec. Diplomatic Service; b. 1890; m., 1922, 
Hilda Muriel (dau. late A. G. Steel, K. C). 

(A) Allan Ivo William: b. 1923. 

(3) Ethel Laura: m., 1912, Capt. Lawrence Peel, Yorkshire (killed in 
action, 1914). 

(4) Cicely Kate. 

Brooks of FUtwlck 

B109 George Brooks: of Flitwick Manor House; b. 1741 ; J. P.; High Sher- 
iff, 1796; had, by 1st wife: 

( 1 ) John : m. ; left four sons and daughter. 

(2) Sophia. 

m. (2) ; acquired Flitwick property through 2nd wife; issue: 

(3) Francis: b. 1790; d. v. 

(4) George: b. 1792; d. y. 

(5) John Thomas : his heir — BllO. 

BllO John Thomas Brooks: b. 1794; m., 1816, eldest dau. of Alexander 
Hatfield, of Twickenham (claiming descent from Adam de Hatfield, of 
Hatfield, and of Glossdale, co. Derby, 1327) ; J. P. and D. L., co. Bed- 
ford ; High Sheriff, 1821. 

(1) John Hatfield: late representative — Bill. 

(2) George Henry: b. 1825; of Doctors Common; m. (1) 1853; m. 
(2), issue, three sons and a dau. Issue bv first wife: 

(A) Henry: b. 1861. 

(B) Marianne Louisa: d. unm., 1885. 

(C) Fanny Caroline: m. ; issue. 

(D) Georgina Pepys: m. 

(3) Thomas William Dell (Rev.) : b. 1828; Rector of Great Hampden, 
CO. Buckingham; m., 1857, eldest dau. of Rev. G. W. Brooks. 

(A) John William: b. 1859. 

(B) Mary Egerton : m. 1897; issue: two sons and a dau. 

(C) Alice Jane: m. and had a dau. 

(4) Mary Ann: d. unm., 1848. 

Bill Major John Hatfield Brooks (BllO-(l) ): of Flitwick Manor; b. 
1824; J. P. and D. L. ; High Sheritif, 1880; m. 1850; d. 1907. 

(1) Catherine Mary Frances: now of Flitwick — B112. 

(2) Marianne Sophie Eugenie: m. 1884; d. s. p., 1885. 

B112 Catherine Mary Frances Brooks: s. her father, 1907; of Flitwick 
Manor, Bedfordshire. 


Sir Basil Brooks: (1576-1646 ( ?) ) ; royalist; knighted, 1604; committed 
to Tower of House of Commons, 1644. 

Benjamin: (1776-1848); nonconformist divine; studied at Rotherham 
Coll.; Congregationalist minister at Tutbury, Staffordshire, 1801-03; wrote on 
history of religious liberty. 

Charles: (1814-1872); philanthropist; partner in banking and cotton- 
spinning firm of Jonas Brook Brothers, at Milton ; spent large sums of money 
in promoting welfare of his employees. 

David: (d. 1558) ; judge; reader at Innerc Temple, 1534 and 1540; treas- 
urer, 1540; sergeant -at-law, 1547; lord chief baron of exchequer, 1553. 

Sir Arthur: (1772-1843); lieutenant-general; ensign, 44th regimenv, 
1792; in West Indies, 1795-98; in Egypt, 1801; served in United States; gov- 
ernor of Yarmouth ; colonel of 86th regiment and K.C.B., 1833. 

Sir Arthur de Capell: (1791-1858); baronet; M.A., Magdalen Coll., 
Oxford, 1816; originated and was president of Raleigh Club, which became 
merged in Royal Geographical Society. 

Charles: (1777-1852); Jesuit; superior of Stonyhurst Coll.; collected 
material for history of English province. 

Charles: (1804-1879); surgeon and inventor; M.C.S., 1834; T.C.S., 
1844; invented self-recording meteorological instruments. 

Charlotte: (d. 1793); authoress; daughter of Henry Brooke (1703- 
1783) ; published "Reliqices of Irish Poetry." 

Christopher: (d. 1628) ; poet; bencher and summer reader, 1614. His 
works include "The Ghost of Richard the Third," 1614. 

Mrs. Frances: (1724-1789) ; authoress; published "Virginia," a tragedy, 
1756; musical entertainment, "Rosina," 1783. 

Gustavus Vaughan: (1818-1866) ; actor; first appeared at Dublin, 1833 


played "Othello" with success at Olympic; appeared as "Richard III," "Shy- 
lock," "Hamlet" and "Brutus" in United States. 

Henry: (1694-1757); divine; M.A., Oriel Coll.; D.C.L., 1727; head- 
master of Manchester grammar school ; puhlished "Essay Concerning Christian 
Peacableness" (1741) and other writings. 

Henry: (1703 ( ?)-1783) ; author; barrack master at Dublin, 1745; em- 
ployed by Irish Roman Catholics to advocate publicly their claims for relaxation 
of penal laws. An edition of his works was issued by his daughter, Charlotte, 

Henry James: (1771-1857) ; crystallographer ; studied for bar; collected 
minerals; A.G.S., 1815; T.L.S., 1818; T.R.S., 1819. 

Humphrey: (1617-1693); physician, M.D., St. John's Coll., Oxford, 
1659; T.C.O., 1674; censor; published medical writings. 

Sir James: (1803-1808); ra'ja' of Saraivak; substituted simple scheme 
taxation for unpopular system of forced trade ; put down piracy among Malays, 
Daya'kas and other tribes in Bornean seas; British commissioner and consul- 
general of Borneo ; governor of Lubuan. 

John: (d. 1582) ; translator; B.A., Trinity Coll., Cambridge, 1554; trans- 
lated religious works from French. 

John Charles: (1748-1794) ; Somerset herald; Rouge Croix pursuionat, 
1773; F.S.O., 1775. 

Ralph: (1553-1625); herald; educated at Merchant Taylors' School; 
published "Catalogue of English Kings, Princes and Peers," 1619. 

Richard: (1791-1861) ; antiquary; solicitor at Liverpool; published anti- 
quarian writings chiefly relating to English battlefields of the fifteenth century. 

Robert: (d. 1802 ( ?) ) ; governor of St. Helena; ensign on Bengal estab- 
lishment of East India Co., served in Rohilla war ; erected industrial village of 
Prosperous Co. Kildare. 

Samuel: (d. 1632) ; master of Trinity Coll. ; brother of Christopher; chap- 
lain to Henry, Prince of Wales ; wrote Latin plays and religious treatises. 

William Henry: (d. 1860); satirical draughtsman; portrait painter in 
London; exhibited at Royal Academy, 1810-26. 

Zachary: (1716-1788) ; divine; M.A., 1741 ; D.D., 1753; chaplain to the 
king; published controversial writings. 


Sir (Arthur) David Brooks: G.B.E., cr. 1918; Lord Mayor of Bir- 
mingham, 1917-18-19; e. s. of late Arthur; b. 1864; educ, King Edward's 
School ; mem. of var. organs., includ. President of Midland Conservative Club. 
Add. : Birmingham. 

Francis: M.A. ; Emeritus Prof, of Classics in the Univ. of Bristol; b. 
1861 ; e. s. of late John; educ, King Edward VI's School, Oxford, etc. Pub- 
lications: Cicero De Natura Deorum, 1896. Clubs: Univ. and Literary, Bristol. 


Hon. Gerald Beach : e. s. of 2nd Baron Crawshaw ; b. 1884; educ, Eton. 
Add. : Rawtenstall. 

Sir James Henry: K.C.B., cr. 1920; C.B., 1909; J.P. ; b. 1863; s. of late 
Dr. J. H. Brooks, Henely Villa; educ, Charterhouse; joined Admiralty, 1883. 
Add. : Crossways, Dorset. Clubs : Conservative, M. C. C. 

Hon. Marshall (Jones): J. P., Lancashire and Cheshire; 2nd s. of 1st 
Baron Crawshaw ; b. 1855 ; educ., Brasenose Coll., Oxford. Add. : Cheshire. 

Major Reginald Alexander Dallas: D.S.O., 1918; Royal Marines; 
o. s. of Rev. Dallas. Add.: R. M. Depot, Deal. 

Sydney: Journalist; editor of the Saturday Review, 1921 ; b. 1872; s. of 
late John; educ, King Edward's School, Birmingham; contri. to the leading 
British and Amer. Reviews and daily and weekly journals. Publication: The 
New Ireland, 1906. Add.: London. 

Edward Rowlandson : consultant in railway matters; b. 1868; s. of Ed- 
ward; educ, Aldenham School; General Manager, Natal Government Rail- 
ways, 1906-10; Fellow Royal Colonial Institute. Add.: London. 

Ernest Athole: M.D., Cantab.; M.R.C.P.. London; Bacteriologist to 
and on Staff of the Royal Hants County Hospital, Winchester; b. 1875; s. of 
late Capt. G. E. A.; educ, St. Paul's School. Publication: Results of Vaccine 
Therapy in Acute and Chronic Infective Disease, Practitioner. Add. : London. 

Rt. Rev. Monsignor Canon Francis : Director of the English Branch 
of the Assn. for the Propagation of the Faith; b. 1873 ; s. of Paul ; Professor of 
Church History at Oscott College, 1904-10. Add.: London. 

Rev. George Alexander Johnston: M.A., Edinburgh; D.D. Harvard 
and Knox Coll., Toronto; b. Inverness, 1865; s. of Rev. Donald; educ. Royal 
Academ}', Inverness ; mem. of the Board of Preachers to Harvard Univ. Pub- 
lication : The God We Trust. Add. : New Rochelle, New York. 

George Edward Aubert: K.C, 1912; Barrister; b. 1847; s. of late Alex- 
ander ; educ, Preparatory School, Edinburgh ; has written for the Press in 
India and London on music, the drama and games. Add. : London. 

Rear-Adm. George Parish: C.B., 1916; R. N., retired; b. 1875; s. of 
late Horatio Senftenberg John; served Gambia Expedition, 1894. 

Colonel George Whitehill: D.S.O., 1916; Indian Army, Military Ac- 
counts Dept. ; b. 1878; educ, Clifton Coll.; Adviser Army Headquarters, India, 
1920-23 ; now serving in India. Add. : Bombay. 

Colonel Harry: C.B., 1923; CLE., 1921; D.S.O., 1920; Indian Army, 
retired; b. 1869; s. of late Colonel W. H. ; educ, Beaumont Coll.; appointed 
to Somersetshire Light Infantry, 1890. Add.: Dorset. 

Howard Salter: K.C. ; Barrister and Solicitor; b. 1872; s. of Alexander 
Charles ; educ, Cornell Law School ; for some years was member of the Senate 
of Acadia Univ. Add. : Montreal. 

Major Hugh Cairns Edward: D.S.O., 1916; Scots Guards; b. 1884; 
served European War, 1914-18 (wounded thrice, dispatches, D.S.O., Croix de 
Guerre, Croce di Guerra). 

Major James: D.S.O., 1917; chartered accountant; late Canadian Infan- 
try; served South African War, 1900-02. Add.: London. 

James Stirling: C.B., 1928; C.B.E., 1919; M.A. ; Director of Accounts, 
Air Ministry, since 1921 ; b. 1877; s. of late John; Deputy to Assistant Finan- 
cial Secretary, Air Ministry, 1918. Add.: London. 

Right Hon. Sir John: (P.C. Ireland), 1st Bt., cr. 1919; Lord Chan- 


cellor, Ireland, 1921-22; b., Londonderry, 1854; e. s. of late Rev. Robert; 
educ, Trin. Coll., Dublin; Judge of the High Court of Justice in Ireland. Pub- 
lication : The Years of My Pilgrimage. Add. : Tyrone. 

Sir John: Kt., cr. 1921; LL.D., Univ. of St. Andrew's, 1902; b. 1838; 
educ, sundry elementary schools ; began as messenger boy ; agent in Dunferm- 
line for upwards of 40 years. Add. : Dunfermline. 

John Kenneth Leveson : Commander R.N.C.V.R. : O.B.E. ; b.. Lind- 
say, Ont., 1876; s. of James; educ, McGill Univ., Montreal ; began work in the 
car shops of the Montreal Street Railway; when war broke out was an Officer 
in the 5th Royal Highlanders of Canada, but was transferred to the Naval 
Service. Add. : Montreal. 

John Kenneth Murray: I.S.O., 1910; Barrister, Inner Temple, 1900; 
b. 1856; s. of late Major J. Add.: London. 

Brig.-General John Munro: C.M.G., 1919; D.S.O., 1917; V.C; Cana- 
dian Infantry; b. 1878; served South African War, 1899-1900. Add.: Canada. 

Lieut. -Colonel Lorne: D.S.O!, 1917; b., Montreal, 1878; educ, Montreal 
High School; served European War, 1914-17; raised and commanded 67th 
Canadian Batt., Western Scots, 1916-17. 

Philip Dansken : President and Editor of the Ottawa Journal; b. 1858; 
educ, McGill Univ.; President, Canadian Daily Newspapers Assn., 1920-21. 
Add.: Ottawa. 

Brig.-Gen. Robert James: C.B., 1919., C.M.G., 1917; b. 1865; s. of late 
Lt.-Col. R. H.; educ, R. M. C, Sandhurst; European War, 1914-18. Add.: 
Newcastle, Co. Down. 

Captain Robert Knox: D.S.O., 1918; M.C. ; The Queen's Royal Regt. ; 
b. 1893 ; s. of Brig.-Gen. R. J. ; educ, Cheltenham Coll. ; served European War, 

Robert Lindsay: Puisne Judge, High Court, Patna ; b. 1874; educ, 
Edinburgh and Oxford Univs. Clubs : East India, Calcutta, etc. 

Group-Captain Robert Peel: D.S.O., 1917; A.F.C. ; R.A.F. ; Deputy 
Director of Manning, Air Ministry, since 1928; served European War, 1914-17. 
Add. : Inverness. 

Roderick: C.B.E., 1920; M.V.O., 1905; Chief Constable of Edinburgh 
since 1899; b. 1863; educ, Helmsdale. Add.: Edinburgh. 

Colonel Sir Ronald: K.C.B., cr. 1911 ; C.B., 1902; K.C.M.G., cr. 1918; 
Officer Order de Leopold II; M.R.C.S., D.P.H., F.R.C.S., 1901 ; F.R.S., 1901 ; 
F.R.S. (Edin.), 1921 ; LL.D., D.Sc, M.D. ; Col. R.A.M.C. (T.F.R.), and late 
Consultant in Malaria, War Office; educ, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London. 
Publication : Philosophies. Add. : London. 

Rev. Spence: Canon of St. Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness; b., Aber- 
deenshire, 1843; educ, St. John's Schools, New Pitsligo; began teaching as a 
monitor when eleven years of age ; served as a pupil teacher for five years ; 
Senior Provincial Grand Chaplain of Ross and Cromarty, 1920. Add. : Scot- 

Rev. Thomas Harry : Hon. Canon and Hon. Canon Precentor of Lei- 
cester Cathedral ; b. 1863 ; o. surv. s. of Edward ; educ, Sidney Sussex Coll., 
Cambridge ; Director of Music for the Diocese of Leicester. Add. : Market 

Hon. William Benjamin: K.C, 1890; Senator and Leader of the Con- 
servative Party in the Senate of Canada; b. Canada, 1854; educ, Dalhousie 


Coll., Halifax; chosen Leader of the Conservative Party in the Senate, 1926. 
Add.: Hahfax, N. S. 

William David: O.B.E., 1918; M.A. ; Hon. LL.D. (Edin.) ; F.B.A.; 
Fellow and Tutor of Oriel Coll., Oxford, since 1902; b. 1877; s. of late John; 
educ. Royal High School ; Delegate of Non-Collegiate Students of the Univer- 
sity Press, and of Home Students. Publication: Translation of Aristotle. 
Add.: Oxford. 

Hon. William Donald: Lieut. -Governor of the Province of Ontario 
since 1927; b. 1869; s. of John; educ. New Glasgow, N. S. ; Public Schools; 
entered service of the bank of Nova Scotia at New Glasgow. Add. : Toronto, 

William Munro: C.B., 1902; chief engineer. Royal Naval Reserve; re- 
tired; b. 1858; s. of late David. Add.: Kent. 

Hon. William Roderick: M.A., K.C. ; b. 1869; s. of Donald; educ, St. 
John's Coll., Winnipeg, Man.; B.A., M.A., Barrister-at-Law ; practiced in 


Brooks Family of Selma, Alabama 

Malcolm H, KING OF SCOTLAND, father of 

Princess Beatrice : m. Crinan, Lord of the Isles. Their son was 

Maldred: bro. of Duncan I, KING OF SCOTLAND. 

CosPATRiCK : Earl of Northumberland and Dunbar. 

Lady Gunilda: m. Orme, Lord of Seaton. 

Cospatrick: 1st Lord of Workington; d. 1179. 

Thomas De Workington : d. 1152. 

Patrick De Curwen : of Workington; d. 1212. His direct descendant (8 

generations removed) was 
Elizabeth Curwen : m. John Cleburne, of Westmoreland ; d. 1489. 
Thomas Cleburne: of Cleburne Hall; b. 1467. From him was descended (5 

generations removed) 
Captain William Claiborne: b. 1587; d. 1676; settled in King Wm. Co., 

Va., 1621 ; Sec. and Treas. of Virginia Colony. 
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Claiborne: of "Romancock," Va. 
Captain Thomas Claiborne: b. 1680, d. 1732; 27 ch. 
Colonel Augustine Claiborne: b. 1721, d. 1787; m. Mary Herbert of Din- 

widdie Co., Va. ; had 15 ch. of whom 
John Herbert Claiborne: b. 1763; m. dau. of Roger Gregory, of Chesterfield, 

Rev. John Gregory Claiborne: of Roslin Castle, Va. ; m. Mary E. Weldon. 


Augusta Claiborne: m. John Gabriel Thomas, of Louisburg, N. C. 
Nannie Thomas: m. JUDGE BROOKS, of Selma, Ala. Issue. 

Frank S. Brooks Family 

Henry I, KING OF FRANCE, father of 

Hugh the Great : Count de Vermandois. His dau. was 

Lady Isabel : m. Robert, Earl of Mellent and Leicester. 

Robert: Earl of Leicester, Lord Justice of England. 

Gervase Paganel, Baron of Dudley, Staffordshire. 

Hawyse : Baroness of Dudley ; m. John de Someri. 

Ralph De Someri: d. 1210; his direct descendant (13 generations removed) 

Thomas Dudley: b., Canon's Ashby, 1576; came to America with Gov. Win- 

throp; Gov. of Mass. Colony, 1634-1655. 
Mercy Dudley: m. 1637, Rev. John Woodbridge, of Newbury, Mass. 
Rev. John Woodbridge: of Wethersfield ; m. Abigail, dau. of Gov. Wm. Lcete, 

of Conn. 
Rev. Ephraim Woodbridge: m. Hannah Morgan. 
Dr. Dudley Woodbridge: m. Sarah Sheldon. 
Dudley Woodbridge: d., Marietta, O., 1823; m. Lucy Backus. 
John Woodbridge: of Chillicothe; m. Elizabeth Buchanan. 
Julia Woodbridge: m. FRANK S. BROOKS, of Columbus, O. 

Gerry Brooks Family 

Edward III, KING OF ENGLAND, father of 

Prince John of Gaunt: Duke of Lancaster. His dau. was 

Lady Joan Beaufort: m. Sir Ralph de Nevill, K. G. 

Lady Anne Nevill: m. Humphrey de Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham. 

Humphrey de Stafford: k. at St. Albans. 

Lady Anne de Stafford: m. Sir William de Berkeley, Knt. 

Richard de Berkeley : who had 

Anne Berkeley : m. Sir Thos. Speke, mem. of the Privy Council to King 

Edward VI. 
Sir George Speke : Knt. ; of Whitelackington ; m. Lady Eliz. Luttrell. 
Lady Anne Speke: m. Sir. John Horner, Knt., High Sheriff, 1564-73. 
Lady Jane Horner: b. 1561 ; m., 1593, Rt. Rev. John Still. 
Anne Still : m. Robert Eyre, of Sarum. 
Catherine Eyre: b. 1601, d. 1667; m., 1630, Rev. Chas. Chauncy, D.D., 2nd 

Pres. of Harvard Coll., Cambridge, Mass. 
Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy: of Hatfield; b. 1639, d. 1685. 


Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy: of Durham, Conn.; b. 1681, d. 1756; 1st grad. of 

Yale College. 
Nathaniel Chauncy: of Middletown, Conn.; b. 1720, d. 1798; m. (first) 

Mary Stocking. 
Nathaniel Chauncy: b. 1758, d. 1825; m., 1782, Abigail Olcott, of Hartford, 

John Chauncy: of Rochester, N. Y. ; b. 1798; m. 1823, Ameha B. Goodrich. 
Amelia Chauncy: m. GERRY BROOKS, of Penfield, N. Y. 


CI 13 WILLIAM BROOKS: b. in England, 1610; came to Virginia, 1635, in 
the "Speedwell": appeared in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1653; 
d. in Deerfield, 1688; m. Marv Burt. 

(1) William: 1655-1675; killed by Indians in King PhiHp's War. 

(2) John: 1656-1675; killed by Indians in King PhiHp's War. 

(3) Ebenezer: 1662-1720; ni. EHzabeth Belding. Ch. : William (1695), 
John (1696), John, Ebenezer (1701), Jonathan (1709). 

(4) Nathaniel: b. 1664; m. Mary Williams: m. (2) Mary Allis. 

(A) William: captured by Indians, 1704; fate unknown. 

(B) Nathaniel: 1710-1758; m. Abigail Allen; m. (2) Rebecca 

(Clary) Bascom. Ch. : Eliakim (1736; ranger in French and 
Indian War), William (1740), Nathaniel (1743). 

(C) Samuel: b. 1712; m. Mehitable . 

(D) Aaron: b. 1717; m. Elizabeth Allen. 

(E) Moses: b. 1722; m. . 

(5) Joseph: 1667-1748; m. Lydia Warner. 

(A) Toseph: b. 1714; m. Miriam Wright. Ch. : Tirzah (1754), 
David (1758), Uri (1759). 

(B) Benjamin: 1717-1786; m. Mary Miller. Ch. : Benjamin (1752; 
settled in Northfield, Mass.), Cephas (1755; Revolutionary 
soldier), Thaddeus (1756; Revolutionary soldier), Alpheus 
(1758; Revolutionary soldier), Annis (1760), Lebbeus 
(1762), Persis (1766), Joseph (1769), EInathan (1774). 

(C) Daniel: b. 1722; m. Mary Wright. 

(a) Daniel: b. 1759; m. Lavina Morgan. 

(6) Benjamin: 1671-1765: m. Mary . 

(A) Benjamin: b. 1693; m. Hannah Walker. 

(a) Benjamin: b. 1726. 

(b) Edward: 1727-1776; m. Anna Hay ward ; Revolutionary 

1. Silvanus: b. 1750; m. Mary Shaw. 

A Marcena : went west and disappeared. 

2. Reuben: 1752-1754. 

3. Edward: b. 1758; m. Thankful Harding. 
A Lyman: b. 1789. 

4. Simeon: 1760-1822; m. EHzabeth Strong. Ch. : Eli, 
Simeon, Ira and 


A Asa: 1788-1871 ; m. Lucy Stevens, 
a Asa S.: 1819-1823. 

b Albert A.: 1824-1910; m. Jennette Whitcomb. 
(I) Jennie: 1849-1905; m. John A. Chedell. 
(II) Kate: b. 1854; m. Seth Washburn, 
c Samuel H.: b. 1827. 
d Julius P. : 1828-1861 ; m. Sarah Tambell. 

(I) Willard: m. Nellie Mather, 
(i) Helen: b. 1892. 

(II) Charles. 

5. Reuben: 1763-1843; m. Annie Terry. 

A Osmond H.: 1793-1868; m. Polly Perham. 
a Alonzo: 1822-1878; m. Ursula Burt. 

(I) Frederick Elbert: b. 1840; m. Mary Shafer. 
b Frederick: 1826-1848. 
c George: 1828-1889; m. Elizabeth Carey. 

(I) Alonzo Birdsell: 1855-1863. 

(II) William Gilbert: b. 1862. 

(III) Eugene: b. 1866; m. Marion Whitmore. 

(IV) George: b. and d. 1868. 
d George: 1831-1863. 

B Pardon: m. Lavina Lillie. Ch. : George, Albert. 
C Reuben: m. Phelena Burt. 

D James: d. 1878; m. Olive Reed; m. (2) Irene Reed. 
E Harrison: lived in Fort Wayne, Ind., 1895. 

6. Benjamin: 1769-1852; m. Esther Fisk. 
A Hiram: 1801-1831. 

B Pardon Allen: 1806-1891 ; m. Olive Deane; m. (2) 
Julia Reynolds. 
a Hiram P. : 1834-1913. 
b William H. : 1837-1922. 
c Susan L. : 1844-1919; m. Frank J. Cole, 
d Lucian B. : 1847-1850. 

e Samuel Pardon : 1850-192- ; m. Jennie Robinson. 
(I) Winnifred A.: b. 1882; m. Sidney 
Hooper Morris. 

(II) Percy: b. 1884. 

(III) Law^rence: b. 1885; m. Irene Harvey. 

(IV) John LesHe: b. 1887; m. Naomi A. Van- 

f Rufus: 1852-1910. 

g Horace: b. 1860; went to Montana. 

h George E. : 1862-1863. 

C Rufus Fisk: 1808-1902; m. Mary AdeHne Barrett, 
a Sarah Adeline: 1834-1866; m. Hiram Rice, 
b Esther Maria: 1837-1839. 

D Lucian Bonaparte : 1812-1885 ; m. Susan E. Hazel- 

E Benjamin Franklin: 1816-1887; m. Charlotte Fran- 
ces Burke. 

a Charles Buck: 1853-1868. 

b Esther Clara Herrick: b. 1859; Smith College, 
A. B., 1882; University of Michigan Medical 

School, 188-. 
c Frona Marie: b. 1861 ; m. Morgan Brooks; Smith 
College, A. B., 1883. 
F Stephen Perry: 1819-1898; m. Martha Ameha Haz- 
eltine; m. (2) Elizabeth Welch. 
•a Maria Antoinette: 1844-1847. 
b George Frederick: 1849-1903; m. Emma M. 
Bowers; m. (2) Matilda Calderwood ; m. (3) 
Abbie L. Fuller. 

(I) Susan Mabel: b. 1872; m. William Tobias 
(II) Blanche Eloise : m. Thomas DuPuy. 
(Ill) George Frederick: b. 1894; m. Jessee 

c Ina Caroline: b. 1863; Boston Univ. (A. B.), 
1886. Add.: 103 South Street, Northampton, 
d Lucy Ella: 1866-1921. 
G Eli Truxton: 1821-1897; m. Anna Elizabeth Bemis. 
a Esther Louise: 1852-1886; m. Arnold Adams, 
b Harriet Emily: 1854-1929. 
c Anna Elizabeth: 1857-1912. 
d George Fisk: 1859-1859. 

e FrankHn Eli: 1860-1916; m. Sarah Brainerd 

(I) Elizabeth: b. 1895; m. Arthur Gray. 
(II) Franklin CooHdge: b. 1896; m. Sarah 
Dorothy Torr. 
(i) Franklin Coolidge: b. 1927. 

(III) Catherine: b. 1899. 

(IV) Edward Coolidge: b. 1901. 
(V) PhiHp Coolidge: b. 1906. 

f Lydia Maria: 1862-1863. 

g Herbert Manning: 1864-1865. 

h Henry Channing: 1864-1864. 

i Caroline Estelle : b. 1867; m. John Frank Frier- 
son Eloin. 
Asa: 1775-1851; m. Dorcas Gleason Fisk. 
A Asa: b. 1806; ni. Emily Walker. 

a Adino: b. 1834; m. Elizabeth Tifift. 

b Charles W. 

c Emily E. : b. 1840; m. Benjamin S. Root. 

d Olive. 
B Benjamin: 1809-1897; m. Martha Wilbur. 
C James Fisk: 1812-1891; m. Sarah Davis. 

a Price Hiram Matterson: b. 1837; m. Elizabeth 
S. Goodwin; m. (2) Ann (Williams) Bakewell. 

b Julia Souisa: b. 1839; m. William Comins. 

c Caroline Sabrina : b. 1841; m. Frank Orcutt. 

d James Williard : 1843-1862; served in the Civil 
War and d. of wounds received at Antietam. 

e Edward Watson: b. 1846; m. Mary Anne Morse; 
m. (2) Jenny Lavinia Eno. 


(I) Edward Olin: b. 1876; living in Ohio in 

f Henry Mclntire: b. 1849; m. Ellen F. Bidwell. 
(I) Mabel Frances: b. 1873. 

(II) Dorothy Christiana: b. 1875. 

(c) Phinehas : b. 1732. 

(d) Simeon: b. 1732; twin. 

(e) Abner: b. 1734. 

(f) Caleb: b. 1745; m. Tryphena (Tyler) Hinds; ra. (2) 
Abigail Willard ; m. (3) Anna Neavens. 

1. Orville: b. 1795. 

2. Romanzow : b. 1797. 

(B) John: b. 1702; m. Rebecca Gerry. 

(a) John: b. 1725; m. Elizabeth Tyler. 

1. Martin: b. 1778; m. Melinda Bond. 

(b) Martin: b. 1734. 

(C) WilHam:b. 1708. 

(D) Joseph: b. 1710. 

(7) Jonathan: b. 1674; went to Springfield about 1701 and was on 
Long Island about 1725. 

D114 CAPTAIN THOMAS BROOKS: b. in England; m. Grace ; came 

to Watertown, Mass., 1630 or 1631 ; one of the original settlers of Con- 
cord, Mass. ; d. 1667. 

D115 Joshua Brooks: b. 1630 (England?) ; m. Hannah Mason. 

D116 Daniel Brooks: b. 1663; d. 1733; m. Ann Merriam. 

D117 John Brooks: b. 1701 ; d. 1777; m. Lydia Barker. 

D118 Samuel Brooks: b. 1730; d. 1817; m. Hannah (Davis) Brown. 
'D119 Samuel Brooks: b. 1755; d. in Canada; m. Ann (Bedel) Butler. 

D120 Calvin Brooks: b. 1782; d. 1848; m. Betsy Bartlett. 

D121 Luther Brooks: b. 1806; d. 1892; m. Ann Bosworth. 

D122 Addison Byfield Brooks: b. 1827; d. 1907; m. Mariah Hall. 

D123 Ransom D. Brooks: b. 1859; d. 1929; m. Kate Randall Barnard. 

(1) Edith Kate: b. 1886; m. H. L. Oagley (d. 1913). 

(2) Phihp: b. 1889; d. 1918; m. Virginia Frink. Ch. : Phyllis K. 
(1912), Mary E. (1913), Robert F. (1915). 

(3) Marian Virginia: b. 1890; m. A. J. Green. Ch. : Dorothy (1912), 
Philip A. (1919). 

(4) Carolin Rose: b. 1893; m. James Hughes. 

(5) Laurence Addison: b. 1897. 

dll4 CAPT. THOMAS BROOKS: of Watertown, Mass. (D114 above). 

dll5 Joshua Brooks: b. 1630; m. Hannah Mason (D115 above). 

dll6 Daniel Brooks: b. 1663; m. Anne Cooper Merriam (D116 above). 

dll7 Job Brooks: bapt. 1698; was brother of John (D117 above) ; m. EHza- 
beth Flagg. 

dll8 Daniel Brooks: b. 1738; d. 1820; m. Caroline Crescott; one of a com- 
mittee to consider rights of colonists in 1772; served in the Revolutionary 

dll9 Job Frederick Brooks: b. Acton, Mass., 1764; d. 1822; m. Polly Bab- 
cock ; was a lieut.-col. of Militia. 

dl20 William Brooks: b. 1806, Westmoreland, N. H. ; d. Battle Creek, 
Mich., 1880; m. Louisa Ayer Small. 


dl21 Frederick W. Brooks; m. Annie Oakley. 

dl22 William Frederick Brooks: b. Battle Creek, Mich., 1863; d. 1928; 
was connected with the lumbering business until 1918, when he entered 
politics as a candidate for the State Senate in the 31st Dist. of Mich.; 
was elected Senator of his district 3 times ; served as chairman of the 
motor vehicles committee which framed the legislation for the motor 
vehicle license taxes, and the gasoline tax amendment ; m. Caroline Lang- 
don; resided at 1928 Stevens Avenue, Minneapolis, Mich. 

dl23 Robert Brooks: b. 1889; m. Katherine G. Lawler. 

E124 HENRY BROOKS: name on the tax list of Woburn in 1649; select- 
man in 1667, '71, and '72; m. twice. Ch. : Timothy, Isaac, Lester and 
(1) John: m. Eunice Mousall ; m. (2) Mary Cranston. Ch. : John 
(1650-1653), Ebenezer (1666-1686), Jabez (1673-1746), and 
(A) John: b. 1664; m. Mary Richardson. Ch. : John (1686), 
Ebenezer (1686-1686), John (1694), Isaac (1703-1719), 
Nathan (1706-1751), and 
(a) Timothy: b. 1697; m. Abigail Wyman. 

1. Timothy: b. 1726; m. Ruth Wyman. Ch. : John 
(1749-1796), Seth (1760-1827), and 
A Timothy: 1751-1810; m. Abigail Mason. Ch. : 
Thomas (1791-1825), Charles (1795-1867), Luke 
(1797), and 

a Timothy: 1786-1862; m. Mary King Mason. 
Ch. : Charles Timothy, William Hales, Henry 
b Samuel: 1789-1844; m. Maria Brooks. Ch. : 

Samuel Herbert (d. 1862 in the Civil War), 
c William McCobb: b. 1793; m. Eliza Hobart. 
Ch.: Isaac Hobart (1823), William Thomas 
(1829), Charles Dow (1836). 
B Samuel: 1758-1805; m. Elizabeth Gill. Ch.: Sam- 
uel (1792), John Gill (1803-1851), Edward 
C Thomas: 1767-1827; m. Mary Richardson. Ch. : 
John (1789-1836), Thomas, Alfred R. (1805), 
Augustus (1814). 
D Asa: m. Ann Gill. Ch. : Asa (1805). 
E Luke: m. Mary Hathorne. Ch. : Luke (1799- 
1875), Nathaniel Hathorne (1802-1881), William 
Hathorne (1805-1877). 

F125 JOHN BROOKS : m. Polly . 

(1) John: m. Mary . 

(A) Charles: 1805-1867; m. Lucy Middlebrooks. 

(a) Thomas L. : 1834-1839. 

(b) Theodore L. : 1835-1856. 

(c) Edward I. : 1839-1858. 

(d) Sarah J.: 1841-1868. 

(e) Mary Amelia: 1847-1848. 

(f) Alexander A.: 1850-1908; m. Lydia IngersoU ; quite 
prominent in politics. 


1. Nellie Jane: b. 1876; m. Milliam J. Stevens. Ch.: 
Wilfred Alexander (1905), Alice Katherine (1907). 

2. Lucy Caroline: b. 1878; m. James H. Stevens. Ch. : 
Gladys Florence (b. 1903; m. Willard D. Soper; ch.: 
James Willard, Patricia Ann), Harold Brooks (1905). 

3. Marv Cardell : b. 1880 ; m. Fred B. Kuhl. Ch. : Dor- 
othy' May (1904), Arthur Byron (1906), Charles 
Frederick (1910). 

4. Charles Lorin: b. 1883; m. Laura Pauline Rauschen- 
berger. Ch. : Pauline Lydia (1912), Margaret Mary 
(1914), Charles Lorin (1916), Barbara Jean (1921), 
Virginia Mae (1923). 

5. Elmer Edwin: b. 1891; m. Margaret Ellen Sharrar; 
realtor. Ch. : Mary Ellen (1920-1921), Eleanor Eliz- 
abeth (1922), Richard Atwood (1923), Shirley Ann 
(1924), Thomas Edwin (1926). Add.: 917 Mary 
St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

6. Victor Deland: b. 1896; m. Viola Loretta Kerr; Uni- 
versity of Michigan, B. S. in Forestry; builder. Ch. : 
Florence Ellen (1923), Phyliss Mae (1926), Victor 
Loren (1927). Add.: 1026 W. Liberty St., Ann 
Arbor, Michigan. 

G126 MILES BROOKS: 1781-1840; m. Lucy Pullum. 

(1) Presley Thornton: 1821-1908; m. Eliza Sylvia Larrison. 

(A) MeHnda C. : 1843-1905; m. Smith. Ch. : Mattie, Wini- 
fred, George. 

(B) Miles: 1845-1925; m. Rebecca Johnson. Ch. : Alpha, Pearl. 

(C) America: 1847-1849. 

(D) Mary: 1849-1903; m. George W. Kaufman. Ch. : Wallace, 

(E) Abel: 1852-1915; m. Livonia Summers. Ch. : Myrtle, Bessie 

(a) Lee S. : b. 1878; m. Catherine B. Smith; lumber and 
building supply business with father. 
1. Lee S., Jr.:b. 1921. 

(F) Rachel: 1854-1918; m. Dr. S. B. Wright. Ch. : Date, Miles. 

(G) Lucy Ann: 1856-1923; m. R. H. McCorkle. Ch.: Brooks 

(H) Millie: b. 1858; m. John M. Smoot. Ch.: Harold, Mabel, 

(L) Ehza Ella: b. 1863; m. W. D. Dewerse. Ch.: Flossie. 

H127 HIRAM BROOKS: 1785-1846; m. Sarah Peasley. Ch.: Edwin, 
Franklin, Fanny, Lafayette, James and 

(1) Francis W.: b. 1820; m. Harriet CordeHa Williams. Ch. : Caro- 
line, Clara, Annis, Charles E., Francis W., Harry E., Fred H., 
Mary Peasley and 
(A) James Wilson: 1853-1921; m. Lily Louise Roads. 

(a) Francis W. : m. Hester McConnell. 

1. Samuel McC. 

2. Hester Sanchia. 

(b) Miller R. : m. Adna E. Mason. 


1. Miller R., Jr. 

(c) Mary R. : m. George J. Finck. 

1. Mary Louise. 

2. George J., Jr. 

(d) Harriet L. 

(e) James W., Jr. 

(f ) Fred P. 

1128 GEORGE BROOKS: 1796-1876; m. Ann M. Jacot; a leather merchant 
who operated one of the largest tanneries in the United States at Brooks- 
ton, Pennsylvania. 

(1) Henry J. : m. Josephine Polhemus. 
(A) Remson G. : d. s. p. 

(2) George Kissam: m. Georgina Downing Sackett. 

(A) Gertrude E. : m. George B. Darley. 
(a) Grace B. 

(B) Ida Sands: m. Alfred A. Baker. 

(a) Georgina D. 

(b) Stephen. 

(C) Augustus Downing: b. 1856; m. Janet Campbell Freeman. 

(a) William Adamson : b. 1884; m. Edna Lacy Morrison; 
Jamaica, N. Y. 

1. George Downing: b. 1915. 

2. Gordon Jacot: b. 1921. 

3. Janet Campbell : b. 1923. 

4. Lenore Elain: b. 1924. 

(3) Ann M.: m. Anthony M. Halsey. 

(A) George Brooks: d. s. p. 

(B) Alfred W. 

(4) Alfred: m. Georginia Downing Brooks (widow of his brother, 

(5) Catherine V. : d. 1928. 

(6) Adrian Cecil : m. Sarah Sands Sackett. 

J129 AMOS BROOKS: m. Rebecca Eadler. 

( 1 ) Mary : m. Absalom Beachtel ; Bainbridge, Pa. 

(2) Balaam : deceased. 

(3) Byron E. : b. 1864; m. Elmira Stark. 

(A) Stella: deceased. 

(B) Elsie Marion: Abilene, Kansas. 

(C) Clyde Stanley: deceased. 

(D) Paul Gilbert : deceased. 

K130 WILLIAM GRAY BROOKS (1853) : son of Rev. W. Henry Brooks, 
S. T. D. (1831-1900). The latter m. Ellen Cordis Gray, who was a 
direct descendant of Egbert I, Ethelwolf, Alfred the Great, Edward the 
Elder, Edmund, Edgar the Peaceful, Aethelred II, Edmund Ironsides, 
William I, Henry II, Henry III, Edward I, Edward II, Edward III, 
KINGS OF ENGLAND, and of Charlemagne, Charles I, Louis I, 



Officers of the Continental Army. 

Almarin Brooks (N. J.). Sergeant 2d New Jersey, 9th February, 1777; 
Ensign, 17th May, 1780; retained in New Jersey Battalion, April, 1783, and 
served to 3d November, 1783. (Died 25th January, 1824.) 

Caleb (Mass.). 1st Lieutenant of Woodbridge's Massachusetts Regiment, 
May to December, 1775; served subsequently as Major Massachusetts Militia. 

Jabez (Conn.). 2d Lieutenant of Mott's Connecticut State Regiment, June 
to December, 1776. 

John (Mass.). Captain of a Company of Massachusetts Minute Men at 
Lexington and Concord, 19th April, 1775; Major of Bridge's Massachusetts 
Regiment, May to December, 1775; Major 19th Continental Infantry, 1st Jan- 
uary, 1776; Lieutenant-Colonel 8th Massachusetts, 1st November, 1776; Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel Commandant 7th Massachusetts, 11th November, 1778, and 
served to 12th June, 1783; Brigadier-General United States Army, 11th April, 
1792; honorably discharged 1st November, 1796. (Died 2d March, 1825.) 

John (Pa.). 2d Lieutenant and Adjutant 6th Pennsylvania Battalion, 9th 
January to December, 1776; served as Assistant Commissary of Issues, 1777 to 
1780. (Died 1803.) 

Joseph Rider (Conn.). Ensign of Sage's Connecticut State Regiment, June 
to December, 1776. 

Zachariah (Mass.). Private in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Sergeant 
in Colonel Fry's Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; 1st Lieu- 
tenant 6th Massachusetts, 1st January, 1777; cashiered 27th April, 1778. 

The following Brooks served in the American Revolution from the respec- 
tive colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number of 
times those names appear on the records examined : 

Connecticut: Abijah, Abraham, Amasa, Asa — 3, Benjamin— 3, Bethue\, 
Calvin, Charles, D. — 3, Daniel, David — 5, Ebenezer — 4, Eleazer Elijah, Elizur 
— 2, Enos Isaac, Jabez — 3, Jabez, Jr., James — 1, Joel — 2, John — 4, John, Sr., 
Jonathan — 3, Joseph — 5, Joseph Rider, Josiah — 3, Levi — 2, Levy, Nathaniel — 3, 
Noah, Paul, Porter, Samuel — 9, Samuel Lewis — 2, Silas — 2, Simeon — 3, Solo- 
mon, Thomas — 15, Thomas, Jr. — 2, Thomas 2nd, Timothy — 3, Wickham — 2, 
William. Delaware: Charles, Elisha — 6, John, Jonas, Lambert — 2, Samuel, 
Seth — 17. Georgia: George — 2, Hannah, Jacob — 2, Jesse — 3, Joab, John— -2, 
Micajah — 3, Middleton — 3, Richael, Robert — 4, Roger — 4, William — 3. Mary- 
land: Charles, Jacob, James — 3, John — 2, Johnson, Lawrence — 2, Nathan, 
Thomas — 2. Massachusetts: Aaron — 3, Abel, Abijah, Abner — 3, Alpheus, Am- 
ariah, Amos, Ann, Asa — 4, Austin — 2, Azariah, Benjamin — 7, Boston, Caleb — 
2, Charles, Daniel — 3, David — 2, Ebenezer — 2, Edmund — 2, Edward — 2, Eleaz- 
er, Eliakim, Elijah — 2, Ephraim — 2, Francis, Gilbert — 2, Hananiah, Henry — 2, 
Hezekiah, Isaac, Isaiah, Jabez — 3, James — 2, Jehiel, Job, Joel, Joel, Jr., John — 
23, Jonas — 3, Jonathan — 5, Joseph — 13, Joshua — 4, Josiah — 3, Leavitt, Lemuel, 
Levi, Luke — 2, Luther — 2, Mary, Matthew, Michael, Moses — 4, Nathan — 2, 
Nathaniel — 5, Nehemiah — 3, Noah, Peter — 3, Philip, Prescott, Princester, Reu- 


ben — 2, Robert. Samuel — 12, Seth — 2, Shadrack, Silas — 4, Simeon — 6, Simon, 
Solomon — 2, Stephen — 6, Sylvanus, Thaddeus — 4, Thomas — 6, Timothy — 4, 
Uriah, Will, William — 4, Zaccheus, Zachariah — 2. Nezv Hampshire: Abraham 
— 3, Ashael — 2, Barnabas, Benjamin, Benjamin, Jr., David — 5, Edward, Elea- 
zer — 2, Elijah — 2, Ezekiel, Job, John — 13. Jonathan, Joseph — 2, Josiah — 7, Sam- 
uel — 18, Simon — 2, Thomas, William — 5, William, Jr., Willis, Zaccheus — 6. 
New Jersey: Isaac, James — 2, John — 3, Jonathan — 2, Oliver, Thomas, Timothy. 
New York: Daniel — 3, Francis, George — 2, James, Jediah, Jeremiah — 3, John 
— 11, John, Jr., Jonathan — 2, Joseph — 5, Joshua, Jr., Michael, Mickel, Peter, 
Reuben — 3, Robert. Samuel, Thomas — 2, William — 5. North Carolina: Asa, 
George, John, Thomis. Pennsylvania: Allexander, Benjamin — 3, Charles, Cor- 
nelius, Cornilius, David — 15, Edmund, Edward — 4, Francis — 2, George, Henry 
— 4, Jacob, James — 8, John — 31, John, Jr., Johnson, Joseph — -11, Laurence— 4, 
Lawrence, Owen — 6, Philip — 4, Robert — 3, Samuel — 9, Thomas — 14, William 
12. Vermont: A. Arnah, Adonijah — 3, Azariah — 4, Azareel, David, Ebenezer, 
Eleazer, Hancark. Hananiah — 3, James — 2, Samuel. Virginia: Benjamin, 
Charles, David. Elias, Jr.. George. Henry, James — 2, John, Joseph — 2, Nelson, 
Peter, Reuben, Richard, Robert, Thomas — 3, Wiliam — 3. Total: 702. 


Caroline Shawk Brooks: Sculptor; b., Cincinnati, O., 1840; dau. of 
Abel Shawk, inventor and builder of first successful steam fire engine ; grad., 
St. Louis Normal School, 1862; first became known as an artist through an alto- 
relief head of "Dreaming lolanthe," exhibited at the Centennial Exposition ; 
later exhibited work at World's Fair of 1878 in Paris, and in her studio in New 
York executed portrait marbles of many prominent people. 

Charles : Clergyman ; b., Medford, Mass., 1795 ; professor of natural 
history at University of New York, 1838; later studied four years in Paris. He 
was a member of the Peace Society, an advocate of temperance reform and 
African colonization schemes, and the author of several books, including a trea- 
tise on "Peace, Labor and Education in Europe"; d. 1872. 

Charles Timothy: Author; b., Salem, Mass., 1813; grad. Harvard, 1832; 
clergyman in Nahant. Mass.. 1835. and later at Newport, R. I.; made many 
translations of foreign books, and was the author of "Eight Months on the 
Ocean and Eight Weeks in India." 

David: Soldier: b., 1756; joined army in 1776 as lieutenant in Penna. line, 
and was captured at Ft. Washington, remaining a prisoner two years. Later, as 
an officer, he became a friend of Gen. Washington ; was promiilent in N. Y. 
politics; M.C., 1797, and first judge of Dutchess Co. 

Edward: Educator; b.. Stony Point, N. Y., 1821. He entered Univ. of 
Northern Penna. ; was professor of mathematics in the State Normal School, 
Millersville, Pa., 1855, and principal there, 1866-86; was author of several 
books, including "Philosophy of Arithmetic" (1876). 

Edward Toole: Canadian M.P. ; b., Sherbrooke about 1828; grad. Dart- 
mouth, 1850; admitted to Bar, Lower Canada, 1854; returned to Parliament as 


conservative for Sherbrooke, 1872; re-elected, 1874 and 1878; was vice-presi- 
dent. International Railway and of Waterloo and Major Railway ; one of the 
trustees of Bishops' Coll 

Eleazer: Soldier; b.. Concord, Mass., 1727; captain of militia, 1773; took 
prominent part in Revolution, rising to rank of brigadier-general. He entered 
genera! court in 1774, and had a public career of V! years, becoming successively 
a Representative, a Senator and a Counsellor; retired, 1801. 

Erastus: Journalist; b., Portland, Me., 1815; mem. of the N. Y. State 
Senate, 1853 and 1855; elected to the Assembly, 1878, 79, and '81. 

James: Journalist; b., Portland, Me.. 1810; studied law in Portland, mean- 
while teaching in a Latin school there ; was a mem. of the Maine Legislature, 
1835, and of the N. Y. Legislature, 1847; served two terms in Congress. 

Horace: Soldier; b., Boston, 1814; s. of Maria Gowen, and protege of 
her friend, Lafayette; grad., U. S. Military Academy, 1835; breveted 1st Lieu- 
tenant for gallantry and good conduct in the Seminole war ; served in the Mexi- 
can war, and, 1872-77, commanded the presidio at San Francisco ; was chief 
mustering and pay officer for the State of Ohio during the Morgan raid. At the 
time of his death he had attained the rank of Brigadier-General. 

James Gordon Carter: Lumberman; b., Salem, Mass., 1837; s., Wm. 
Hawthorne. His earliest paternal American ancestor, Henry, came from Eng- 
land in 1651 and settled at Noburn, Mass., being first judge of witchcraft cases 
at Salem. He became a prominent business man and was known far and wide 
for his hospitality, and the charm of his home in the Northern woods. 

John: Governor of Mass.; b., Medford, Mass., 1752. In 1777 was made 
lieut-col. 8th Mass. regiment and played a gallant part in the battles of Fort 
Stanwix and Saratoga, being promoted to rank of major-general. He was a 
mem. of the state convention that ratified the federal constitution in 1788; held 
many important state and federal offices, including that of Governor in 1816, 
and for several terms thereafter; given LL.D. and M.D. by Harvard ; was presi- 
dent of the State Medical Society from 1816 until his death in 1825. 

Joseph: Clergyman; b., Butler Co., O., 1821; chaplain 1st Mo. artillery, 
and of 3d Ark. col. infantry during Civil War ; a leader in the Arkansas Con- 
stitutional Convention, 1868; Governor of Arkansas, 1874. A man of great 
will-power and an eloquent speaker; he died in 1877. 

Kendall: Educator; b., Roxbury, Mass., 1821 ; grad. from Newton Theo- 
logical Institute, 1845, and the same year became pastor Baptist Church, East- 
port, Me.; was professor of history and natural philosophy at Waterville, 1852; 
edited "National Baptist" in Phila., 1865-68; became President of Kalamazoo 
Coll., 1868. 

Lewis : Philanthropist ; b.. New Milford, Conn., 1793 ; settled in Rochester, 
N. Y., when 29 years old, entering first in the manufacture of woolen cloth, 
and later in the mercantile business; retired in 1837, devoting his time to per- 
sonal affairs. He contributed generously to schools, hospitals and various chari- 

Maria Gowen: Poet; b., Medford, Mass., 1795; descended from Welsh 
family that settled in Charlestown before Revolution. Sonthey admired her 
work as a writer and named her "Maris del Occidente." 

Nathan Covington: Educator; b., Cecil Co., Md., 1819; first principle 
Baltimore H. S., 1839; organized Baltimore Female Coll., 1848, and later be- 
came its president ; wrote much occasional poetry and was the author of many 
books. . 


Noah: Author; b., Castine, Me., 1830. He removed to California at the 
end of the "free-state" conflict, and gained recognition as Washington corre- 
spondent; was managing-editor "Alta California," and subsequently served on 
N. Y. and N. J. newspaper staffs ; author of many books for young people. 

Peter Chardon : Merchant; b., North Yarmouth, Me., 1767; s. Rev. 
Edward; served in both branches of the Legislature. He accumulated large 
fortune in marine insurance, and was noted for his philanthropy. See Hunt's 
"Lives of American Merchants" (N. Y., 1856). 

Phillips: Bishop; b., Boston, Mass., 1835; grad. from Harvard. 1855, 
and from the Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va., 
1859; rector of the Church of the Advent, Phila., 1859. and of Holy Trinity, 
1862; moved to Boston, 1869, and was rector of Trinity Church there; elected 
Bishop of Massachusetts, 1891. He was the author of several volumes of ser- 
mons and lectures, and wrote the popular Christmas hymn, "O Little Town of 

Preston Smith: Congressman; b., Edgefield District, S. C, 1819; mem. 
of State Legislature, 1844; elected Rep. from S. C. to Congress, 1853, and re- 
elected twice. The notorious affair of his attack upon Senator Sumner, May 
22d, 1856, and his evasion of the subsequent challenge to a duel brought so 
much unfavorable criticism from the press that he resigned his seat. However, 
he was unanimously re-elected, and showered with praise from the admiring 

Richard: Early settler; came to America in the "Blessing" in July. 1635, 
at the age of fourteen ; removed to Scituate, then to Rehoboth ; gave the power 
of attorney to his son-in-law, Robert Crossman, of Taunton, in 1689, who sold 
his land in Scituate in 1699; died in June, 1695. 

Robert : Early settler ; was an inhaliitant of Maidstone, England ; came to 
America with his wife in the "Hercules." He resided at Marblehead, and had 
a grant of land between his old house and new in 1657. 

Thomas Benton: Engineer; b., Monroe, N. Y., 1836; served as major 
and aide on General Staff during Civil War, receiving brevet rank of Colonel ; 
was asst. geologist in charge of surveys of Lake Superior iron regions, 1869-79, 
and prepared geological books on two States. 

William Keith: Naturalist; b., Cleveland, Ohio., 1848: Ph.D., Harvard, 
1875; after 1883, professor of morphology, Johns Hopkins Univ.; author of 
"The Development and Protection of the Oyster in Maryland, Balto." (1884) ; 
mem. Md. Academy of Sciences and other scientific societies ; elected mem. 
National Academy of Sciences, 1884. 

William Thomas Harbaugh : Soldier ; b.. New Lisbon, O., 1821 ; grad., 
U. S. Military Academy, 1841 ; conducted himself brilliantly in Mexican war, 
attaining brevet rank of major in 1847 ; after various commands in Civil War 
in 1864 he was placed at head of 10th Army Corps, with rank of brigadier- 
general, and was engaged at Swift's Creek, Deury's Bluff, Bermuda Hundred, 
Cold Harbor and Petersbury ; died 1870. 

William : Early settler ; came to America on the "Blessing" in July, 1635, 
at the age of twenty years ; settled at Salem, Mass., where he became a pro- 
prietor in 1639. 



Alfred Hulse Brooks: Geologist. 

Alfred Mansfield: Univ. prof.; b., Saginaw, Mich.. 1870; s. George. 
Author of numerous works, including "The Newal Fortune," "Dante, How to 
Know Him," etc. Add. : Swarthmore, Pa. 

Amy: Author and illustrator: b., Boston, Mass.; d. Alfred H. Author of 
many books, including Dorothy Dainty Series, Randy Series, Rosalie Dare 
Series, etc. Add. : Boston. 

Aubrey Lee: Lawyer; b.. Bethel Hill, Person Co., N. C, 1871 ; s. Zach- 
ary Taylor ; candidate for U. S. Senate, 1922 ; mem. of Greensboro Chamber of 
Commerce; delivered address, "The Law and the Facts," before N. C. Bar 
Assn., which attracted wide attention. Add. : Greensboro, N. C. 

Benjamin Talbot: Chemist; b., Columbus, O., 1885; s. Nathaniel Wil- 
son; Maj. Chem. Warfare Reserve U. S. A.; Fellow Chemical Society. Add.: 
Sound Beach, Conn. 

Bryant Butler: Ex-governor; b., Bernardston. Mass., 1861; s. Silas 
Newton; presidential elector, 1900; gov. of Wyo., 1905-11. Add.: Casper, 

Charles Alvin : Clergyman; b., Watkins, N. Y., 1871; s. Charles Wes- 
ley; 1st V. p. Am. Baptist Foreign Missions Soc, 1914-24; mem. of Am. Acad. 
Polit. and Social Science. Add. : New York City. 

Charles Franklin: Meterologist ; b., St. Paul, Minn., 1891 ; s. Morgan; 
Fellow A. A. A. S. Am. Meterol. Author of "Why the Weather?" Add.: 
Worcester, Mass. 

Charles Hayward: Lawyer; b.. Auburn, Calif., 1859; s. Juhus Phi- 
lander; dir., Counsel First National Bank, Guarantee Title and Trust Co. (chmn. 
bd.). Add.: Wichita, Kan. 

Charles Stephen: Author; b., Cleveland, O., 1878; s. Stephen Edmund. 
Author of "Like Summer's Cloud," "Frightful Plays," 1922. Add.: Cleve- 
land, O. 

Clyde: Phylologist; b., Paris, Mo., 1881; s. Evan Sandifer; research 
work for war dept.. 1917-18. Add.: Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Edward Schroeder: Congressman; b., York, Pa., 1867; s. John H.; 
mem. City Council, York, 3 terms; postmaster of York since 1925. Add.: 
York, Pa. 

Edwin : Ex-congressman. 

Eugene Clyde: Educator; b.. Green Co., N. C, 1871 ; s. Edward Jones. 
Author of many books, including "Woodrow Wilson as President," "Education 
for Democracy," "Stories of South America." Add.: Raleigh, N. C. 

Frank Hillard: Mfr. ; b., St. Johnsbury, Vt., 1868; s. Samuel Towle; 
was federal food administrator for Vt. ; mem. exec. coms. of Vt. and N. E. of 
U. S. Fuel Administration. Add. : Newton Highlands, Mass. 

George Sprague: Writer, editor; b.. Pearl Creek, N. Y., 1895; s. Bene- 
dict; served as enlisted man, N. S. Army, World War; at front with Horse 
Batt., No. 302, Am. Train. Add. : New York City. 

Geraldine: Teacher. 

Henry Harlow : M.D., teacher ; b., Medo, Minn., 1871 ; s. Daniel Walker; 


chief consultant in medicine, 1st army A. E. F. ; commissioned col. U. S. R. C. 
Add. : New York City. 

Henry Turner: M.D. 

John Graham: Author, lecturer; b., Acworth, N. H., 1846: s. Chapm 
Kidder. Author of numerous books, including "The Social Unrest, "As Others 
See Us," "An American Citizen." Add. : Cambridge, Mass. 

John Pascal: Civil engr. ; b., Kittery, Me., 1861 ; s. James W. ; prof. civ. 
engring., State Univ. of Kentucky, 1897-1906. Author of Handbook for Sur- 
veyors. Add. : Potsdam, N. Y. 

Joseph Judson : Lawyer. 

Morgan: Electrical engr.: b., Boston, 1861; s. Francis A.; organizer of 
the Elec. Engring. Co. of Minneapolis; contributor to engring. mags. Add.: 
Urbana, 111. 

Raymond Cummings: Clergyman; b.. Tabor, la., 1869; s. Rev. Wm. 
Myron; pastor of 1st Church, Berkeley, Calif.: head Dept. Religion, Pomona 
Coll., Claremont, Calif., 1921. Add.: Claremont, Cahf. 

Robert Clarkson : College prof.; b., Piqua, O., 1874; s. James Eugene; 
field dir. Am. Red Cross, League Island Navy Yard, 1918-19; contributor to 
econ. and polit. science mags. Add. : Swarthmore, Pa. 

Robert Preston : Prof, economics ; b., Milledgeville, 1881 : s. James 
Henry ; mem. of Am. Hist. Assn. Author of numerous books, including "The 
Agrarian Revolution in Georgia." Add. : Athens, Ga. 

Samuel Palmer: University pres. ; b., Milledgeville, Ga., 1863; s. Samuel 
Erkskine; organized Tex. State Peace Congress, the first state organization of 
its kind in U. S., 1907. Add. : Waco, Tex. 

Stewart: Banker: b.. Mobile, Ala., 1867; s. Leslie Everrit ; mem. Mobile 
Bar Assn. (pres. 1915-16). Add.: Mobile, Ala. 

Stratton Duluth : University pres. ; b., Everett, Mo., 1869 ; s. Charles 
Myers; federal food administrator for Okla., 1917-18; pres. Univ. Okla., 1912- 
23. Add.: Columbia, Mo. 

Van Wyck: Author; b., Plainfield, N. J., 1886; s. Charles Edward. 
Author of numerous books, including "The Wine of the Puritans," "The World 
of H. G. Wells," "America's Coming of Age." Add. : Westport, Conn. 

Victor Lee: Lawyer. 

Virginia (Mrs. Chades S. Washburne) : Reformer, lecturer. 

Wendell Stanton: Educator; b.. Bay Shore, L. I., 1886; s. Rev. Jesse 
Wendall ; headmaster Brooks Sc. for Boys ; mem. of Nat. Assn. Prins. of Sec- 
ondary Schools. Add.: Evanston, 111. 

William E. : Clergyman; b., Phila., Pa., 1875; s. John; ordained Pres- 
byterian ministry, 1904; Dit. Army Y. M. C. A. and acting chaplain. Camp 
Crane, 23 months, 1917-1919. Add.: Morgantown, W. Va. 

William Penn: Agriculturist; b., S. Scituate, Mass., 1851 ; s. Nathaniel; 
decorated 4th order of the Rising Sun, Japan, 1888 ; contributor to transactions 
of Mass. Hort. Soc. and to agri. reports of U. S. and Mass. Add. : Amherst, 



There are in the United States towns as follows : 

Brooks: Calif., Ga., Iowa, Ky., La., Maine, Minn., Mont., Oregon., Wis.; 
Brooksburg: Ind. ; Brookston : Colo., Ind., Minn., Pa., Tex.; Brooksville: 
Ala., Fla., Ky., Maine, Okla. There are also in the United States numerous 
counties, townships, streets, avenues, etc., bearing the name "Brooks." This is 
eloquent testimony to the high esteem in which the name is held in this country. 


The compiler of these records has made up a list from city and telephone 
directories of the United States, and from other sources, as follows. Care was 
taken to eliminate, wherever possible, persons known or believed to be colored, 
or of nationalities other than British and American : 



Arkansas 196 




District of Columbia 



Georgia 270 








143 Maine 98 

23 Maryland 374 

Massachusetts 570 

415 Michigan 469 

90 Minnesota 110 

146 Mississippi 30 

133 Missouri 164 

22 Montana 26 

175 Nebraska 30 

Nevada 3 

6 New Hampshire 73 

402 New Jersey 247 

276 New Me.xico 8 

102 New York 830 

110 North Carolina 90 

118 North Dakota 5 

43 Ohio 528 

Oklahoma 115 

Oregon 19 

Pennsylvania 550 

Rhode Island 71 

South Carolina 13 

South Dakota 9 

Tennessee 193 

Texas 570 

Utah 40 

Vermont 46 

Virginia 188 

Washington 83 

West Virginia 68 

Wisconsin 60 

Wyoming 7 

Total 8357 

To secure an estimate of the "Brooks population" of the United States, 
we figure as follows : 




Only about half the names were taken from each directory con- 
sulted 2 

Half of the Brooks reside in the rural districts or in small towns 
having no printed directories which were available to us 2 

There is an average of more than four persons in each Ameri- 
can family 4 

Since Brooks daughters marry and have as many descendants as 
the Brooks sons, there are as many descendants of "other names" as 
there are bearing the name Brooks (though it is much easier to locate 
the latter 2 

By multiplying each figure of column (a) into the preceding 
figure, we have a total of 32 

Conservative estimate of the Brooks population of the United 
States, one-half of whom bear the name Brooks and one-half of whom 
bear other names 267,424 

The estimated Brooks population of any of the states may be obtained by 
multiplying the figures shown by 32. There are Brooks in every state of the 
Union. The Brooks population of the British Empire is probably equal to that 
in the United States. 




For several centuries the Brooks lived in England, North Ireland and Scot- 
land. Most of the British (with the exception of those living in South Ireland), 
and, likewise, the Brooks were and are of the Protestant faith. 

There are a few Brooks of the Catholic faith in the British Isles, but it is 
estimated that their number does not exceed four per cent, of the entire Brooks 

The Brooks who came from the British Isles to America continued in the 
faith of their fathers, for the most part, though their descendants in this coun- 
try today will be found in the memberships of practically all the various churches. 
It is estimated that of all the Brooks in America who are church members, at 
least ninety-seven per cent, are of the Protestant faith. 

Biographical sketches of Z7 Brooks appear in WHO'S WHO IN AMER- 
ICA. Their religious faiths are shown as follows : BAPTIST, 2; CONGRE- 


All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. 
Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical socie- 
ties. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American 

1. Americans of Royal Descent, 1891, Browning. 

2. Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography. 

3. British Family Names, Barber. 

4. Burke's General Armory. 

5. Burke's Landed Gentry. 

6. Burke's Peerage and Baronetcy, 1925, 1926. 

7. Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Bardsley. 

8. Dictionary of National Biography, London, 1887. 

9. Directories, City and Telephone. 
10. English Surnames, Bardsley. 
IL Heraldic Illustrations, 1853. 

12. Miscellaneous Sources. 

13. Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, Heitman. 

14. Patronymica Britannica, Lower. 

15. Private Collections of Family Data. 

16. Revolutionary Records of the Respective Colonies. 

17. Surnames of the United Kingdom, Harrison. 

18. U. S. Postal Guide. 

19. Who's Who (British). 

20. Who's Who in America, 1926-27. 

21. Brooks Memorial. E. B. Wilson, C. W. Wendte, R. S. Rantoul and W. 
P. Andrews, Salem, Mass., 1884. 

22. Royal Descendant of William Gray Brooks. 

23. Orig. and Hist. Name Brooks with Biog. most noted persons. Chicaeo, 

24. Brooks and Houghton Families and Descendants, Thomas Teflferson Brooks 



























1 - 






1 " 


1 2 






















































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